My Name is Wren Blae Zimmerman and I’m a blind equestrian athlete aspiring to become the first blind show jumper to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

I’m reaching out because I am currently looking for support on my Olympic and Paralympic Journey as I advocate for and raise awareness of what the physically disabled, in particular the blind and visually impaired, are capable of.

As a senior in high school I was diagnosed with a rare incurable progressive degenerative eye disease called Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy. Five years ago, after becoming legally blind, I decided to pursue an unrealized lifelong dream of learning to ride and jump horses, and now compete against able-bodied riders. But I’m not stopping there! My sights are now set on making the USEF Show Jumping Ranking list and competing in the 2024 Olympics, becoming the first blind showjumper to compete at that level.

My mission is to change the perception about what the blind and visually impaired are capable of through raising awareness, understanding and acceptance of visual impairment. My ‘vision’ is that my endeavors will inspire others to have the courage to face their own challenges and pursue their own passions, whatever they may be! I hope that my equestrian efforts will, in the long term, contribute to the growth and accessibility of horse sport.

Achieving a dream of this magnitude however can’t be done alone, which is why I’m asking for your support. Below, I’ve provided a brief overview PDF (Wren Blae Equestrian Cause) with information about myself and my cause.


I’d love the opportunity to share more of my story with you and discuss potential involvement whether it be in an advocacy, mentorship or sponsorship capacity. I really appreciate your consideration in getting involved in my cause. I look forward to hearing from you!