Para-equestrian jumping, aka. para-show jumping or para-jumping,  is relatively new on the world stage.  While not yet a Paralympic sport, para-show jumping is an emerging discipline within equestrian sport. It is officially recognized as a discipline in various European countries where national teams actively compete in both national and international competition; but there is still much legwork that needs to be done to integrate it into equine-sport on both a national and international level here in the Americas. As it now stands, because it is not a recognized para-discipline in the USA, no American para-show jumping team can participate at international levels. Wren is an advocate of the sport and hopes that her endeavors will inspire and encourage interest, acceptance, and development of the sport of para-show jumping, and that this will lend to expanding the knowledge base, offerings, resources, training, competition opportunities and pathways available to para-equestrian athletes interested in jumping.

By personally competing against able-bodied riders, Wren hopes to spur more riders with disabilities to become involved in show jumping competition. Eventually the hope is that this will empower change and encourage interest and acceptance of the emerging sport of para-jumping, with the ultimate goal of it becoming an FEI recognized discipline and Paralympic sport.